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Aurelia Latex Gloves - Powder Free
  • Aurelia Latex Gloves - Powder Free

Aurelia Latex Gloves - Powder Free

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  • Powder Free
  • Double Chlorinated - Smooth
  • 10 Boxes x 100 Gloves


Double Chlorinated Smooth latex - Do not have a tacky external surface like normal latex gloves.

Reduced protein content and Fully micro textured gloves

Powder Free Latex gloves are popular for being strong, stretchy, and comfortable as well as having a great resistance to a wide range of chemical solutions.

They are a good all round glove for everyday tasks as well as precise tasks that require greater sensitivity.

The powder free construction ensures the latex allergens cannot become airborne when donning and reduces the risk of transferring latex proteins to the wearer or patient. For those with a latex allergy we also sell nitrile and vinyl gloves.

Suitable for keeping hands clean when performing messy and smelly household tasks. Also popular in care homes for washing patients and non-invasive procedures such as wound cleaning.

Strong resistance to chemical solutions
Excellent sensitivity and dexterity
Textured fingers and palm area for enhanced grip
Powder-free design eliminates powder related contamination
Seamless construction provides user with a high level of comfort and dexterity
Beaded cuffs to aid application and minimise the risk of tearing
AQL 1.5 medical grade

Latex allergy information
For people with latex allergies we recommend powder free vinyl gloves Powder free soft vinyl gloves.For everyday tasks try our cheaper Powdered vinyl gloves

Made of high quality natural rubber, GN03 gloves are designed to feel
like a second skin. They offer a dependable and very comfortable and
flexible solution to hand protection.
: Low protein minimising the risk of contamination and allergic
: Low in residual chemicals to reduce the risk of contact
dermatitis associated with these chemicals
: Flexible material for improved feel and fit reducing fatigue during
extended wear
: Beaded cuff for added strength and easier donning
: Lightly powdered for easy donning and reduced perspiration
: Smooth finish
: International testing to Lowry Method and Chemical Residual
: Manufactured from natural rubber latex
: Complies with:
• Medical Devices Directives 93/42/EEC Class 1 (2007/47/EC)
• EN455 parts 1, 2 and 3
: Tested to:
• AQ 1.5
• EN420
• EN388
• EN374
• Food approval EC1935/2004
: Powder content: max 10 mg /dm2
: Visually inspected for holes and minor defects
: Random samples are filled with 1L of water and examined for leaks
: Typical force at break: 6 Newtons
: Typical elongation: min. 650%
: Shelf life of 3 years


Powder Free Latex gloves are suitable for everyday tasks at work or at home, for users who want to keep their hands clean whilst cleaning or decorating etc

High quality brand offering a comparable like-for-like alternative to other branded gloves, providing you with great choice and even greater value.


If you need storage, all our gloves fit in our GLOVE DISPENSER wall-mountable triple glove dispenser for greater hygiene and ease of use.


For patient-contact environments, we recommend our Powder free vinyl gloves, or our Nitrile Gloves provide greater sensitivity and strength. For invasive or medical procedures, please use our sterile gloves

Do you handle food? try our basic polythene gloves.
For a softer feeling glove that is powder free try our : Powder free soft vinyl gloves


At Galleon Supplies we are so confident in our products that we offer FREE SAMPLES .
Please try our products before you buy to make sure that they suit your needs.


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